Opens a new chapter in the history of a popular dining area in Chicago's southwest suburbs. We are excited to welcome all our guests to a completely new, upscale restaurant featuring American and pan-European fusion cuisine based on locally sourced ingredients and an uplifting guest experience!

HMD Bar&Grill:
Restaurant in Chicago Ridge

Serving the best food to a thriving local community
The restaurant was launched by Henry and Daiva Malukas, a Chicago-based business couple, and was named after the HMD group of companies that unites several brands under a single umbrella, including the HMD Motorsports racing team.
With deep respect for the diverse, multi-ethnic local community, we spent months working on a menu that would satisfy the most demanding tastes.
The menu is full of signature dishes to ensure that HMD Bar & Grill becomes a welcoming family eatery, a popular spot for a fun-packed night out with friends, or a convenient location for a productive (and tasteful) daytime business meeting.
What sets us apart
Roomy and comfortable party rooms
Cozy outdoor patio with fireplaces
Wide selection of wines and beers for every palate
Our amazing upscale casual menu with hearty food for every occasion
Kestas grew up in Lithuania — a small Baltic country with a rich culinary heritage. His grandmother and mother inspired Kestas with family recipes that have been passed down over generations. Both Lithuanian and broader Eastern European cuisine have been forged by the natural resources of the region. The Baltic Sea offers plenty of fish and seafood, while the fertile farmlands produce staggering varieties of grains and dairy products.
At HMD Bar & Grill, the food will be coming out under the watchful eye and sharpened knives of Chef Kestas Mickus and his team.
Who’s running the kitchen
«Cooking is an art form — a form of creative expression». This is the guiding principle that has followed Chef Kestas throughout his culinary career and kept him inspired to create and share new dishes.
As Kestas progressed through his career he took on various culinary positions, training at restaurants across Europe. His current cooking methods reflect inspiration and experience from the chefs and cultures which he visited. As a result, our menu draws influences from Italian, French, and British cuisines. There is a strong focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients.
Our menu
Our menu is updated seasonally with new, creative dishes from our chef. We offer a wide assortment of starters, soups, salads, our signature fish and meat entrees, as well as signature burgers and sandwiches that our guests love.
And if you are up for a pint of ice cold beer or a glass of wine to accompany your meal, our bar is always at your service!
Private events
Every event deserves a special setting. At HMD Bar & Grill, a favorite restaurant in Chicago Ridge, we provide just that. Explore our private event options now.
As an upscale restaurant in Chicago Ridge, our primary goal is to serve the community by providing top-notch customer service, the best quality food, and creating an outstanding neighborhood venue that will attract local residents and ultimately serve as a destination for all Chicagoans.